Twenty-First Century Incursions/Wars

Twenty-First Century Incursions/Wars


Occurring Now on the American /Mexican Border



Wm. Bill Sturgeon, MA


Part One


Starting last year and continuing into this year, I had to make several business trips to Southern California, Southwest Texas, and Southern New Mexico. It was during these trips that I was made aware of the extent of the Drug Cartels, Gang, and Terrorist activities taking place on the American/ Mexican border. The level of violence and the relationships developing among these illegal and illicit groups is frightening. Each of these criminal groups can supply commodities that the other groups may need such as, drugs for weapons or weapons for drug. Weapons can also be exchanged for access to the United States. are common bargaining chips among these groups.


As America’s so-called “major television and radio networks” spend their time covering such important topics as, what time President Obama’s plane will land in Canada, or the Octomom, this “war” of considerable proportion is taking place on the America/ Mexican border. People are dying in staggering numbers; there are reports that as many as 6000 people died last year. Mexican Police and Military Personnel are being gunned-down in broad daylight. One report noted that assailants attacked a police station with a bazooka. On February 20, 2009, the Police Chief of Juarez, Mexico, resigned because of death threats.


For over a year, the drug cartels have been at war with each other across the border in Mexico. Now it has expanded into the United States. This is a war whose tactics and brutality mimic those being used by the terrorists and the Talban in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kidnappings, Daylight shootings, beheadings, the murder of entire families, and dead bodies being left along the roadside to intimidate the citizens are commonplace.


This is a real crisis and the majority of Americans do not even know its happening! If the Mexican government should collapse, America’s southern border will become an active combat zone.


The State of Texas is taking steps to guard its border against what could be an onslaught of Mexican citizens escaping the violence by crossing the border into the United States. Additionally, the State of Texas is prepared to react to any and all acts of criminal violence.

One has to ask the question: Are the local Law Enforcement agencies, who are acting as America’s first line of defense, properly and adequately trained and armed? (Remember the Mexican police station that came under bazooka attack.)


My hat goes off to Fox News Network in general and Glenn Beck in particular. Both have been doing stories on this “war.” Lou Dobbs on CNN has also started to cover this emerging threat to our nation from Mexico. Mr. Dobbs and his team look at the political/financial influences on the problem. I would recommend that you watch both the Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs Shows.


In Part Two of this series I will share some personal insight that I gained about this “war.”





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