I will be attending the Pittsfield School Committee Meeting this evening. During the “Open Mic” session, I will be requesting the School Committee to solicit from Larry Kratka the names of the politicians who forced him to cancel my program on WTBR, before it ever “Aired”. This is not about me, rather it is about “Freedom of Speech” and undo political influence on Public Radio programming. I believe that a quote from iBerkshires web site cuts to the substance of my appearance this evening – Mr. Durwin quotes Larry Kratka, “There are apparently some officials in Pittsfield government who are terrified of what Bill would do to them.” I want to thank all of the people who have supported me through this situation. I especially want to thank those members of the media who openly voiced their opinion: The Berkshire Eagle-Editorial Staff, iBerkshires, planetvalenti.com, Clarence Fanto, Dan Valenti, Rinaldo Del Gallo. Joe Durwin. The School Committee Meeting tonight will be held at the Pittsfield City Hall Chambers and it starts @ 6:00 PM. The School Committee meeting will be broadcasted on PCTV Channel 17.

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