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Morning Thoughts

If you are new to this site or have not been around for awhile then let me tell you about Morning Thoughts. Each morning when I wake-up I that God for giving me another day. I don’t push any religion (although I am Catholic) I try to ecourage “FAITH”! These thoughts are mine and I share them to help others in this world. God has been very good to me and I have not been as good as I should have been to Him. If you don’t like or want to read Morning Thoughts – Then don’t. Here is today’s August 20, 2012.

Good morning, Lord! Thank you for another day. The world is a mess with wars, poverty, crime, polluted water, hunger, greed, pride, etc. Lord, more than ever before we need your intervention and grace to get this world back on track. Lord, help me to start to change my little part of the world, by following “Your Words” most closely. Read more »